Concrete Curbing Installation In Central Florida

Concrete Curbing Installation In Central Florida

Do you live in Kissimmee/St Cloud area and are in need of custom concrete curbing for your flower gardens? At Captain Jacks Landscaping we have a team that does just that for you. Curbing is a way to give your flower gardens that solid finished looked not to mention this is the best way to eliminate your grass from growing into your gardens.

We offer basic concrete curbing with a variety of colors. You can choose from a smooth design to a rock look pattern to really blend in your flower garden. There are also options on colors with some browns, reds and grays depending on your preference.  Our prices are very simple as you will see below.




$14-$16 per foot

Curbing Prep work getting ground ready for Curbing

$1.00 per foot

Concrete landscape curbing is an alternative to plastic or metal landscape edging. Landscape curbing is made with various elements of concrete depending on the climate where it is being used. Concrete landscape curbing has become more popular over the last decade with suppliers offering a variety of styling options. Wikipedia