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Kissimmee – Orlando Florida Landscaping Service

Kissimmee – Orlando Florida Landscaping Service

These are some examples of what we can do to totally revamp your Central Florida Landscaping. Take a moment and check out our product pricing below and see what we have to offer for your next project.


Bulk Mulch Delivered – Installation Available

No matter what kind of mulch you are looking for we can deliver and install at a reasonable rate in Kissimmee and surrounding areas. Check out our Mulch Selection

Kissimmee Landscape Rock, Stone & Shell Delivery & Installation Service

Looking to order Landscape Rock, Gravel, Pea Stone, Marble etc.  Captain Jacks now offers this service as well as Landscape Rock installation in Kissimmee and surrounding areas. Simply find what you are looking for below and use our easy form to place an order. We will call you to verify payment and delivery or Installation and you are on your way to getting your landscaping to the next level.

Florida Land Clearing & Forestry Mulching

Traditional land clearing methods like bulldozing and burning cause destruction to the environment in the form of soil erosion and harm to the habitat, with increased release of greenhouse gases.

Fortunately, there’s an eco-friendly alternative. Our forestry mulching service is a great way to save time and money when clearing land. By using specialized equipment called a forestry mulcher, we can clear any area quickly. Plus, what gets cut down becomes natural ground cover which reduces costs.


Call the friendly team at Captain Jacks to learn more. 

Central Florida Tractor Work

We offer all kinds of odd work with our John Deere 1025R Tractor to suit your needs. Rototilling, Brush Hogging, Post Hole Digging, Backhoe work just to name a few.

White Sand & Topsoil Deliver Kissimmee Florida And Surrounding Area’s

Looking for White Sand Or Topsoil in Kissimmee? Captain Jacks now offers top Soil and White sand delivery to Kissimmee and Surrounding areas. All prices below include Delivery within a 15 Mile Radius of Kissimmee.  There is a 2 Yard minimum!

Central Florida Palm Tree’s, Fruit Trees And More For Sale – WE INSTALL!

If you are looking for Palm Tree’s installed in the Kissimmee area you have found the right place. We offer Palm Tree’s with full installation ant very reasonable prices direct from the farm. We cover all of Central Florida including Saint Cloud, Poinciana, Four Corners, Davenport, Clermont, Hunters Creek and even Orlando


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Central Florida Privacy Hedges Installed

Here in central Florida privacy hedges are very popular because there is one thing we all have is Neighbors. Neighbors can be great but sometimes we just need our privacy right? Many of the hedges we install are easy to maintain and make a great natural look to your landscape.


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Sod Installation & Removal Kissimmee Florida

Are you looking to have sod installed in Kissimmee Florida? Captain Jacks is at your service. We offer affordable Sod Installation with quality Work that you will be very happy with. Our Cost is simple We Charge as little as $1.50 per square foot (see prices below) and that includes Killing old sod which also kills all the weeds so they do not come back. This process happens 1 week before your installation. We then till your old sod rather then remove. This is a harder process but is much better for your soil and helps bring old topsoil back to the top as well as adds natural compost from the dead grass. Lastly we rake the soil and add some well needed fertilizer to give your new sod a jumpstart. This does not include adding new topsoil however so if you want topsoil installed the cost is an additional $0.80 per square foot.


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7 Landscaping Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Whether you’re going through the process of buying a home or are just trying to spruce up your old yard, it can be hard to properly execute a good landscaping job. You want to have everything under control and perfectly organized so that the yard of your house looks amazing.

That’s why this article will be covering 7 landscaping mistakes you must avoid as a homeowner. From budgeting to plant placements, this article outlines seven of the most common must-avoid landscaping mistakes.

1. Poor Budgeting

Poor budgeting can easily be detrimental to your landscaping experience. When you budget incorrectly or even just poorly, you risk not actually being able to afford the plan you originally intended to. Budgeting is by far one of the most important aspects of landscaping.

Check and then check again to make sure that your budget covers every expense and that your money isn’t being wasted. Double checking everything could save you from buying things you didn’t know you couldn’t afford, or potentially overspending on something.

2. Cutting Grass Too Short

This is one thing that can easily be done by accident but should definitely be avoided at all costs. Cutting your lawn’s grass too short could potentially be damaging to the grass in the long run.

Always make sure that your grass is being trimmed, however, avoid cutting it too short. On top of it not looking the best, you could be harming your grass without even knowing.

3. Arranging Trees/Bushes Symmetrically

This one may seem a little strange, but trust that there’s a reason why this is on the list. Arranging trees or bushes symmetrically may sound like a good idea, but once they begin to grow, there’s no guarantee they will grow at exactly the same pace.

You can now see the problem here. If the trees grow at a different rate than each other, they will no longer look symmetrical, therefore ruining the symmetry. Always be cautious when it comes to lining up trees or bushes like this.

4. Too Much Décor

Every landscaping job needs some decoration, but how much is too much? If you choose to have garden statues or lights in your yard, make sure you aren’t overdoing it. If you add too many manmade decorations, your yard can look cluttered or unprofessional.

Stick to just a few to accent the nice job your landscaper did. Make sure every piece of décor in your yard is serving a purpose and isn’t just there to fill space.

5. Not Considering Wildlife

If you don’t take into consideration the wildlife that lives in your area while planning your landscaping project, you might need to do some revising. Make sure you make this a priority in your landscaping project, as planting certain plants may cause harm to the wildlife in your area.

Another reason to consider wildlife is that there are some plants that attract certain animals. If you don’t want the whole forest population to come and eat your plants, make sure you’re not choosing any plants that would encourage them to do so.

6. Poor Planning

The worst thing you could do when planning a landscaping job is plan poorly. That’s why it’s important to get everything as right as possible, even down to the measurements and materials. It may take a long time to arrange your entire plan and make sure it’s all realistic and affordable, but it’s worth it.

You would never want to have spent all this time waiting and planning only to have forgotten the proper measurements or neglected one area of your yard. Always be sure that your plan is thorough and attentive to detail before pursuing it.

7. Choosing the Wrong Plants

When choosing plants for your landscaping job, you want to make sure you’re picking the ones that will thrive in the circumstance you’re putting them in. Paying attention to which climate is best for what plant and how to make them thrive.

This is one thing that many people overlook when outlining their landscaping plans. Always be sure that you’re choosing the proper plants for your job.


In conclusion, there are quite a few easy-to-make mistakes when it comes to landscaping that homeowners should commit to memory. This way, you won’t accidentally make the same poor decisions.

Making sure that you’ve properly budgeted and planned is your first step to a successful landscaping job, but it’s not all. Always be sure you’ve thought through the placements of everything, being mindful of how things will grow as well.

If you avoid the mistakes listed here in this article, you’re already well on your way to a successful landscaping job. Just remember to be wary of these mistakes going forward with your next landscaping job. If you do that, you’ll be sure to succeed.