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Choose Sustainable Land Clearing in Kissimmee, Florida

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Unearth the Potential of Your Property

When utilizing or developing your residential or commercial property, land clearing is often the first step. However, Kissimmee’s diverse landscape presents unique challenges when it comes to clearing your property. That’s why you need a trusted team to rid your property of unwanted trees and debris.

At Captain Jack’s Landscaping, we specialize in top-notch land-clearing services that are not only efficient but also environmentally conscious. Our team is dedicated to preparing your land for the next stage of your project while minimizing the impact on the local ecosystem. With our expertise and state-of-the-art land-clearing equipment, we can unearth the true potential of your property, helping you make the most of its unique features.

Whether you own a piece of residential land, a commercial property, or an expansive tract of agricultural land, we can help you get it ready for the next phase in development. We work with homeowners and business owners in Kissimmee, Florida, Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas. If you need land cleared in Kissimmee, contact us today for a site assessment.

Florida Land Clearing & Forestry Mulching

Traditional Kissimmee land clearing methods like bulldozing and burning cause destruction to the environment in the form of soil erosion and harm to the habitat, with increased release of greenhouse gases.

Fortunately, there’s an eco-friendly alternative. Our forestry mulching service is a great way to save time and money when clearing land. By using specialized equipment called a forestry mulcher, we can clear any area quickly. Plus, what gets cut down becomes natural ground cover which reduces costs.


Tall Grass Brush Hogging Service Central Florida Including Orlando, Kissimmee, Saint Cloud, Davenport, Poinciana and surrounding areas.

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Central Florida Tractor Work

We offer all kinds of odd work with our John Deere 1025R Tractor to suit your needs. Rototilling, Brush Hogging, Post Hole Digging, Backhoe work just to name a few.


Digging holes for a fence, deck or otherwise is time consuming and very hard on your back UNLESS you have the equipment that makes it quick and easy. Post hole digging equipment can get very expensive that is where we come in and save the day and your backs. All you need to do is mark the spots and we will be there to dig the holes  with equipment designed to make it a very quick process compared to digging by hand.


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Our Equipment is up to the task for all of your needs. So if you need it Hauled, Removed, Dug, Mowed or pressure washed we are up for the task. We are a family run business in Central Florida and also Veteran owned. Please give us a call or text with your needs no matter what they may be. If we cannot do it we will try to recommend someone who can 🙂