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Lawn Mowing And Grass Cutting for Large Properties In Central Florida

If you are looking for Top quality lawn care you have found the right place. Now offering service to large properties as well.

As needed Lawn Service $50 per mow Under 1/4 Acre. Includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. (Grass over 6 inches is subject to a high grass fee)

Kissimmee Florida Grass Cutting (Mowing) for Large properties over 1 Acre Only


Now Offering Bush Hogging

5 Ways to Save Money on Lawn Care In Kissimmee Florida

If you want to get your lawn in top condition, you’d better be prepared for the costs involved. Besides the time you spend mowing and watering your grass, you have to factor in the cost of fertilizer, equipment maintenance, and new grass seed. Fortunately, there are many ways to trim these costs, especially if you are willing to do the work yourself. Here are five easy ways you can save money on lawn care.

1. Water your lawn deeply and infrequently

The key to a healthy lawn is watering the grass well so that it makes the best possible use of the available nutrients in the soil. The two most important words to remember are “deep” and “infrequent”. You need to water your lawn to a depth of at least one inch and then wait as many days as possible before watering it again. You want to wait as long as possible because if you water too frequently, new fresh air won’t be able to move into the soil and nourish the roots.

An easy method to ensure that you are watering your lawn just enough is to cut the tops off drinking bottles and then make a mark one inch from the bases. Set these bottles into the ground all over your lawn before you water and then check the water levels until you can see that you have watered the lawn sufficiently. This will help you avoid over-watering your lawn, and will, in turn, save you money on your water bills.

2. Cut the grass at the right height

The second way to save money on lawn care is to make sure that you cut the grass at just the right height for its type. Every species of grass has an “ideal height” and, if you cut your lawn to just one inch more or less than its ideal height, it will never look at its best. You can save time and money by doing a little research into your grass type and then setting your mower at just the right height. If you’re unsure what type of grass you have, staff at your local gardening center may be able to guide you.

3. Measure your lawn to avoid using too much fertilizer

If you use store-bought fertilizer on your lawn, the costs can quickly add up. Each type of fertilizer has its own “bag rate”, which means the area it can cover. Unless you measure your lawn, you can easily end up spreading too much fertilizer and overspending on lawn care. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly add up. Make sure you have a rough idea of your lawn’s dimensions and know exactly how much fertilizer is required.

4. Use grass trimmings and kitchen waste as fertilizer

Commercial fertilizer is one of the biggest expenses of keeping a lawn in top condition. An economical alternative is to start composting your grass trimmings and kitchen waste and using that as compost instead. All you need to get started is a composting bin (a cone-shaped bin with a flat lid on top) and a small area of land for the bin to be placed. Making your own compost will save you a lot of money compared with buying lawn fertilizer. Grass trimmings contain many of the nutrients that your lawn’s soil needs to support healthy grass. Creating grass-based compost will save a lot of money in the long run.

5. Use lawn aeration shoes

If you’ve never seen or heard of “aeration” before, it’s the process of poking deep holes into the surface of the lawn. This dramatically improves the condition of the lawn as it helps air get down to the roots of the grass. Aeration is typically done with a special machine and is most effective in April and then in October. However, to save money you can use a pair of lawn aeration shoes instead. These plastic shoes slip on over your regular shoes and have large hollow spikes in the base. By walking over your lawn, you can aerate the grass for a fraction of the cost of a costly machine. Aeration shoes aren’t as effective as a powered aeration machine, but by using them frequently you can improve your lawn for less money.


Lawn care doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you are willing to put in the work. With a little research, preparation, and care, you can have a fabulous-looking lawn for a fraction of what you’d usually expect to pay. The five tips above should give you a good starting point to get started.

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Where can I find lawn service in Kissimmee

Captain Jack lawns covers all of Kissimmee at a great price

How often should I mow my lawn in the winter in Central Florida

You should mow every 2 weeks at most and with some grass can get by up to 30 days.

how often should I water my lawn in the winter in Florida

You should water your lawn no more then once per week at most


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