Captain Jacks Landscaping Blog Yard Cleanup Services In Kissimmee FL And Surrounding Areas

Yard Cleanup Services In Kissimmee FL And Surrounding Areas

Below you will find some tips on getting you yard into tip top shape this Spring. Captain Jacks offers Spring Outdoor Cleanup Services In Kissimmee FL And Surrounding Areas. We will gladly give you a quote  below.

Curbside Pickup And Disposal


Yard Trash Removal And Cleanup Kissimmee Florida and Surrounding areas

Have you been overtaken by your yard? Did you just purchase a house that needs a major cleanup on the outside/ Captain jacks can help. We can cleanup your yard and bring it back to life and best of all we can haul it all away for you.


Storm Cleanup Kissimmee Florida

Florida gets plenty of storms as we all know. With them comes Debris and other stuff all over our yards. We can come and cleanup your yard and haul it all away for you.


3 Essential Tips for Getting Your Property Ready for Spring

Spring is almost here and ready to burst forth in all its beautiful glory. Now is the time to start thinking about getting your property cleaned up for the revival of nature. As the days get longer and outside temperatures begin to rise, the snow melts away to reveal the unsightly remnants of winter. What you have left behind is the accumulated mud, sand, salt, and debris of a harsh winter that has left your property a mess.

A good cleanup in the spring is just the ticket to a better growing season and makes your property look manicured and pristine. It’s is a great way to show some tender loving care to your lawn and landscaping, saving on yard work later in the season.

The Yard Cleanup:

Getting the yard cleaned up should top your priority list. Once the weather is a bit warmer for working outside, the first thing to tackle is raking up the leftovers of winter, such as matted grass, crushed leaves, fallen twigs, branches, animal remains, and plant debris that might harbor disease.

You should pay particular attention to raking around the shrubs to clear out the leaves that got lodged in the bushes during the winter months. If raking can’t remove all of the unsightly leftovers, use gloved hands to dig down deep into the bushes to get out the stuck leaves. This debris removal allows for better air circulation, so your shrubs will be ready for new, vigorous growth.

You can also remove any wrapped burlap protection around bushes or small trees. It’s safe to take the burlap off once the temperature is steady above 5 degrees Celsius. When you remove the burlap coverings, you prevent the bushes and small trees from sweating and getting stressed out. It also prevents your shrubs from being vulnerable to damage by insects and disease.

Having an eco-friendly compost bin for storing the cleaned-up remains is ideal because the debris will break down into fertilizer for your soil and garden plants. While you’re cleaning up the property, remove all flower bed annuals that were left in the soil at the end of last season and add them to the composter as well.

$25 per yard for yard waste and $50 per yard for trash/Mixed to take it away.. Or trailer holds approx. 10 yards.


Pruning the Property:

Pruning encourages new growth stimulation during the spring and gives your property a well-maintained appearance. When pruning is done in early spring, it can produce spectacular results that yield a sculptured landscape and abundant flowers. It’s the method by which a gardener controls plant and shrub growth into specific patterns for development and rejuvenation.

It’s advisable to use a sharp pair of pruners to cut off any dead, diseased branches on shrubs or bushes due to winter kill. By removing the lifeless parts of the shrubbery and cutting back to healthy wood, you will bring new life to your landscape.

If you have any climbing roses, use the pruners to cut off the older stalks from last season. By removing the thicker stems from the main plant, you develop and train new canes to grow for a plentiful display of blooms this season.

Lastly, if you have flowering shrubs on the property, pruning will stimulate the shrubs to produce flower buds on new growth. Additionally, after the first flowers die off, prune a second time to encourage another round of blooms as the summer progresses.

Mulch for the Gardens:

Mulch is the ultimate gardening timesaver used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, improve soil’s structure and drainage. The most common organic mulches are an assortment of hardwood chips, hay, and grass clippings, all designed to make your gardens look attractive.

Spring property cleanup is the ideal time to rake up and strip away the old mulch from the previous season. Most of the protection you get by using mulch has broken down over the winter months and should be replaced for maximum benefits. After removing the old much, dump it into your compost bin for producing additional fertilizer around the gardens.

If this is your first mulch application, a good layer about 2 inches deep will prevent weeds from growing in your gardens. More than 2 inches can suffocate plants and stop them from thriving, so be cautious about how much mulch you put down.

The Finished Look:

With the revival of spring, cleaning up your property and gardens will start the new season off right. Spring is the best time to get your lawn and gardens prepared to burst forth with new life. These 3 essential cleanup tips will make your property look tidy and groomed. A good spring cleanup will save you time for any future gardening projects during the summer months.






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