Lawn Care *

Weekly $25 – $35  (We mow every week) SIGN UP NOW

Bi Weekly $35 – $40  (We mow every other week, popular for winter) SIGN UP NOW

Monthly $35 – $50  (We mow once per month, Very popular this year for Winter) SIGN UP NOW

Shrub Trimming

Small Shrubs $5

Medium Shrubs $10

Large Shrubs $15

Palm Trimming $25 – $150

Pressure Washing

Pressure Wash Driveways Or Patios $100 (2 car driveway)

Pressure Wash Walkways $25 – $100

Pressure Wash House $200 – $500 


General Labor Rate $50 Per Hour


* Rates are for average sized lawns which covers the majority of homes in Central Florida, If your lawn is larger we may have to adjust the normal rate to accommodate. Rate is for grass under 6 inches. Any lawns over 6 inches are subject to a tall grass fee which can vary depending on the situation. Our crews will need your lawns picked up of obstacles and dog poop in order to mow. If obstacles are left  (toys, garden hoses etc we reserve the right to refuse the job or mow around items. Please help us by taking a few minutes before we show up to pick these items up. Gates must be unlocked to back lawn if you want us to mow it. If a gate is locked and we cannot get in we will still charge full price for the lawn and skip the back lawn.